Polini Pocket Bikes

We Love Speed…We Love Polini Mini Pocket Bikes…

In the world of racing tracks, tuning parts of motorbikes, mopeds, scooters and absolute speed that satisfy the need of an individual who loves mini bikes, Polini Pocket Bikes is the name that one can rely on blindly. From race tracks to normal roads, from speed to quality, Polini has made its mark in the mini pocket bikes industry.

About Polini Pocket Bikes

Polini is an Italian based manufacturing company that manufactures tuning parts and is producers of cylinders for both racing and normal road use. Poloni Batista, the man behind the company, started making bicycles after he returned to his native land, Italy, from his services in the World War II. His bicycles were bought by the people as if it was some kind of bicycle festival for them and surprisingly, it sold very well.

Now, Polini is being lead by Poloni Batista’s sons and the company itself has become on of the very well known names in the mini bike industry with competitors like Malossi behind its back, playing the game of survival for the fittest.


Polini Pocket Bikes

A mini pocket bike is a miniature version of a Grand Prix (GP) motorcycle, and is a scaled-down replica of a GP motorcycle. When it comes to purchasing a pocket bike, it should ensure that it must be relied upon. When we talk about pocket bikes, Polini is the name that comes into our mind which reflects reliability, effectiveness, consistency and quality.

The pocket bike occurrence keeps on mounting because Polini has initiated famous champions like Valentino Rossi or Marco Melandri, and all those upcoming young riders are also looking forward to have Polini pocket bikes to ride on.

Why Polini Pocket Bikes?

Every bike lover wants a motorbike which is full of luxuries and reflects compassion and energy. Polini mini bikes looks close to what the needs and requirements of its customers are, and therefore design and assemble them in that manner. Mini pocket bikes like 910 Cerena S, GP3 Reverse and 911 Reverse are Polini’s specialties that are designed and is accustomed to the very need of its customers. Even users under the age of 15 can have their own specially designed pocket bikes to jam the roads.

The company also produces a miniature folding scooters called Skate which has gained popularity all around the globe.

So, if you are thinking about getting a pocket bike which ensures safety, speed, comfort and satisfaction, I’ll say get one of the Polini Pocket Bikes now because it is now or never – soon they wont be cheap online.