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Gas Pocket Bikes Can Reach Speeds Up to 45 Miles Per Hour

Remember when you would go to the circus as a child and you would see a six foot tall clown pedaling toward the middle of the ring on a miniature bicycle with his knees above his shoulders and his back hunched over in order to grab the handlebars? Well, stick a motor and a gas tank on that bike, and you have what’s called a gas powered pocket rocket bike.

Gas Powered Pocket Bikes Are Anything But a Toy – Go Electric

Gas pocket rockets are 10:1 scaled motorcycles that can weigh anywhere between 45 to 90 pounds and seat their driver under two feet off the ground. Albeit a humorous description, there is nothing funny about gas powered pocket rockets. They’re serious machines that people use to compete in serious races. Gas pocket rockets, although small and seem like children’s toys, are anything but. Even though one is tempted to dismiss the pocket bike as a simple children’s toy, pocket rockets have the potential to be deadly if not handled properly.

Another point to consider is it’s quite easy to think in the terms of pocket bikes being not only small and fast, but they can be ridden anywhere; on sidewalks, bicycle lanes, on the street, etc. Those thoughts are very wrong. The gasoline powered models of pocket rockets have been modified so they can reach speeds of up to 45 mph; some are modified to go even faster. Also, gas powered pocket rockets are usually made and shipped without the typical safety features that are standard on regular sized motorcycles. For instance they come ill equipped with brake lights, mirrors, turn signals, right kind of tires or even reflectors.

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Should These Pocket Rockets Be Banned?

Taking all these safety concerns into account, there has been a very long and ongoing debate about whether gas powered pocket rockets should be banned or not. Both debating sides have very good points and have put tremendous amounts of thought and energy into arguments. The people who believe that gas powered pocket rockets should be allowed to be ridden simply point the finger at irresponsible parents who fail to fully supervise their children, and therefore their children get injured somehow.

Unfortunately for the inner “speed demon” in the experienced pocket rocket rider, on average a gas powered pocket rocket gets only around 20-25 miles each full tank, and the gas tank capacities vary around one liter. With an average of a five horsepower engine, the top speed of these motorcycles tops out normally at about somewhere between 45 to 50 miles per hour. Depending on where you buy your pocket rocket, some dealers offer near complete customization for the gas powered pocket rockets. Air pressure, throttle and brake sensitivity, the height and the angle of the handlebars, and even adjustable foot placement are some of the options available.

A gas pocket rocket is good for the amateur wanting to learn how to ride while using maximum safety.

Cheap Mini Bikes

The New Toy Around Town – Mini Pocket Rocket Bikes

With more and more kids going in for this toy, it has become a popular but sometimes rampant menace on the roads, streets, parks, pavements and driveways! The kids love the sense of freedom it gives them as it can be compared to a powered bike which gives them the speed and the thrill of it too. But speed can cause damage too and are the kids ready for it?

What Parents Should Know About Mini Pocket Bikes

Go ahead and get your kid this whiz toy but mom and dad should know the rules first. Tell your kids the safety rules and precautions that they should take before buying them this wonder toy.

Some Dos And Don’ts

These mini motorbikes are put under the same slot as powered two wheelers and if they are going to be used on public roads, parks, driveways etc. the user will have to comply with the rules set for other bikes. The age limit should be as for other two wheeler drivers, should necessitate the use of a helmet, speed limits and also require a license! However, these rules do not apply to a mini motor bike rider and this can cause a lot of havoc for the rider as well as for others who happen to come in his or her way.

Make Your Own Safety Rules When Riding Mini Pocket Rockets

This means the riders or more so the parents have to instill some safety unwritten rules to avoid problems while riding. Teach your kids safety measures while riding so as to avoid harm to themselves and others

Things To Watch Out For When Riding Mini Motor Bikes

– Do not ride on the wrong side of the road

– Wear a helmet

– Do not go on public roads

– Do not be a nuisance to others with the loud noise

– Do not endanger your own life or the life and safety of others in the area you are riding

– Keep within safe speed limits

Well there you are – you have taken all the necessary precautions and it is a safe toy to own if you keep all the rules in mind.

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