Electric Pocket Bikes

Electric Pocket Bikes – An Ideal Way To Miniature Biking Frenzy!

An evolution of mini bikes made out of dumped spare parts, these Electric Pocket Rockets are fast catching up to gas powered pocket bikes in popularity worldwide. Built for racing, these trendy mini pocket rockets suit all age groups and all pockets with its most affordable price range.

Originated in Japan, these electric pocket rockets soon gained popularity in Europe and gradually in the United States.

Smart Electric Pocket Rockets Come in Small Packages

There are a lot of miniature models of things that has won appreciation all over the world. Motorbikes are no exception. These mini pocket rockets, are driven electrically and they are one to two feet in height. They have a load of 300 pounds at the maximum. These electric pocket bikes are used by riders who would drive up to a speed of 40 miles per hour. Other than being electrically powered they can be powered by gas also. They are also equipped with an engine of 49 cc.

Electric Mini Pocket Bikes – Special Features:

Key ignition: As an anti theft safety measure a shutter over the key ignition prevents your bike from being stolen or tampered.

Electric quiet motor: Holding up to 700 watt power in its electric motor with a smart battery charger that turns itself off on fully charging the battery, this noise free motor is the latest fashion among the young generation.

Front and rear vented disk brakes:  These front and rear vented disk brakes have an advantage of being self adjusting with the help of the brake caliper that makes up for any wear caused in the brake pads.

Vast colour choices: Available in wide colour range of blue, red, yellow, silver, black and many more these stylish bikes speeds up to 15 – 20 mph. Easy to transport these bikes comes with safety set containing helmet, elbow and knee pads adding an extra appeal to the young riders.

Stylish body: Tinted windshield, sporty instrument lights and a racing style gas tank adds that flashy look to these electric pocket rockets.

Flat resistance Tubeless tires: Reducing the risk of flatting by creating an airtight seal in the tires’ interior enables these tubeless tires to function even in low pressure.  These racing tires are a simple combination of a tubeless wheel with the tubeless tire.

Other accessories: Includes a free tool kit, sticker kit, sporty speedometer, powerful batteries and a warranty on defective parts. The full fairing design of these bikes helps reduce the wind drag adding a flowing appearance to the bike from front to rear.

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Racing Mini Pocket Rocket Bikes

There is a high demand of mini pocket bike racing all over the world. Racing Electric Pocket Rockets, often referred to as pocket bikes, was first started around 1950 and it’s still widely in practice today. Competitors enter into this sort of mini bikes racing to test their abilities and they drive in and around the race courses. Some join to simply have a kick out of the game along with immense fun. These are.

The safety measures should be always kept in mind when showing this bike to friends or for that matter, undergoing a mini bike racing in the locality. Pads, headgears are other protective things that should be worn when handling the bike. Safety and fun are the two words that go together.

Buying Electric Mini Pocket Rockets Online

Now when we are into all these mini pocket bike talks, you must be quite excited about the whole matter and thinking of a way you can get hold of a pocket rocket bike and drive your way to glory. You can get ample information on the internet or you can look in the stores near you which deal with electric pocket rockets. The price would vary between four hundred to one thousand dollars and you can buy cheap ones at two hundred dollars too. It is always advisable to have your bike properly tested before you set out on biking fun. There are high quality bikes at around seven hundred to one thousand dollars too.

In the earlier stages the parts for these bikes were not available. Today there has been a growing demand for these electric pocket rockets and more and more customers are into bike frenzy. The spare parts include recoils, exhausts, rims, tires, disk breaks, engines; body panels are available in the bike stores.

If you are on the look out for some enticing games to break the mundane existence, then pocket bikes are a wonderful way to take part in the racing fun.