Fast Pocket Bikes

Advantages and Risks of 110cc Super Pocket Bikes

Pocket bikes are miniature versions of full-sized street bikes. Despite their small size, and contrary to what many people believe, they are not toys. Although fast pocket bikes aren’t legal road vehicles, they are, like dirt bikes and pit bikes, serious, high-power machines.

Advantages of Gas Pocket Bikes Over Electric Pocket Bikes

There are two types of pocket bikes available; gas powered pocket bikes, and electric pocket rockets. Just which version is better is a matter of opinion.

Gas pocket bikes run on gasoline, and as such are more expensive to run than electric pocket rockets, which run on batteries that can be charged up in your home. However, many owners of fast gas pocket rockets are of the opinion that the extra running cost is worth it, as they provide better performance, and are able to reach higher speeds than their electrical counterparts. On top of this, taking a can of gasoline to the racetrack with you is often easier than finding somewhere to charge your batteries, and having to wait while they charge; another plus for gas pocket rocket bikes.

Another important consideration is the fact that an electrically powered pocket bike is in effect one machine, and is built as a single unit. A gas super pocket bike, on the other hand, is built more like an actual car or bike, allowing you to replace or upgrade certain components as and when you like.

So Those Are The, But What Are The Disadvantages of Super Pocket Bikes?

Well, other than the extra price involved in running a gas powered super pocket bikes, there’s also the issue of wear and tear. A 110 cc pocket bike is going to have a likelihood of clogging from junk within the system. In order to prevent this, you can use a higher grade of unleaded fuel, but that again pushes up the price of running the 110cc pocket rocket. If you’re mechanically minded then the idea of getting stuck in and cleaning out your pocket bikes innards may be a plus rather than a minus, but if you’re more interested in racing your bike than maintaining it, a gas pocket rocket might not be your best bet.

Another disadvantage of gas powered super pocket bikes that the casual racer might not have considered, is the fact that a gas pocket bike is going to give off fumes, especially when in use. Obviously, this is not an issue that you are going to have with an electric pocket bike.

As you can see, there are both pluses and minuses involved in choosing a gas fast pocket rocket, or an electrically powered pocket bike. Every person is going to be different, and want different things from their pocket bike, but my suggestion is that if you’re a casual racer who wants a cheap, clean, fume-free ride, then get the electric pocket rocket bike. If however you’re a grease monkey that likes to get stuck in, wants to be able to fix and fiddle your bike, and are willing to pay a little extra for gas, then the gas pocket rocket, such as 110cc super pocket bikes, are probably more up your street.

Electric Pocket Bikes Are Very Popular Racing Mini Bikes

Pocket rockets, or mini pocket bikes, are small versions of road bikes, designed for racing on private racetracks and strips. In the last few years, these racing pocket bikes have seen a surge in popularity. Out of the two types of racing pocket rockets, gas pocket bikes and electrically powered, electric pocket rockets seem to be the most popular.

Why Are Electric Racing Pocket Bikes So Popular?

There are several reasons for electric racing pocket bikes being more popular than gas pocket bikes, such as the fact that they operate on rechargeable batteries, which can be easily charged through the mains outlet in your home. This makes the electric pocket rocket a lot cheaper to run than a gas powered pocket bike, especially with gas prices being what they are these days.

Another plus of the electric racing pocket bike is that it runs clean, unlike the gas pocket rocket which produces fumes. If you enjoy riding, but the fumes from most motor vehicles make you feel ill, then riding an electric pocket rocket, capable of moving at speeds of fifty miles and hour and up, is definitely a tempting idea.

So, other than running clean and cheap, what are the other advantages of an electric racing pocket bike over a gas pocket rocket?

Well, as if you need more of a reason, the electric mini bikes requires little to no maintenance, unlike gas powered vehicles. So if you have a fondness for driving fast, but don’t have a lot of mechanic skills, or a grease-monkey buddy willing to hang out and work on your bike, then the electric powered racing mini bike is a great way to get out and race, without all the hassle in between.

Disadvantages of Electric Racing Mini Bikes

Some of the disadvantages of the electric mini bikes when compared to the gas powered pocket bikes, is that the electric pocket rocket will not give quite as strong of a performance as a gas racing pocket rocket. This can be a problem if you’re interested in competing against other racers, who are not using electric pocket rockets, and sooner or later you may be interested in switching your electric pocket rocket for a gas powered racing mini bike. All in all though, the difference in performance between an electric pocket bike and a gas pocket rocket is not hugely substantial.

When considering whether an electric mini bike or a gas powered pocket rocket is for you, it is important to consider all of the above points. A cheaper cost of running, running clean, and ease of maintenance should be weighed up against performance, and what matters most to you, should decide which bike is best.

Used Pocket Bikes

Some Tips on Buying Used Pocket Rocket Bikes

So you’re thinking of buying a pocket rocket bike, but you’re not sure whether to splash out on a brand new, top of the range model, or just start off with some cheap used pocket bike that you pick up secondhand?

Well, a lot of people before you have wondered about the same thing. And unfortunately, there’s no set answer that works for everybody. Instead, you just have to weigh up all the pros and cons, and decide whether it’s better to get a cheap used pocket rocket, or fork out the extra cash for something nice. Now I don’t pretend to have all the answers, so obviously this isn’t an all-inclusive list, but here are a few of the major pros and cons that I can think of, of buying a used mini bike instead of a new, more expensive pocket bike.

Advantages of Buying Used Pocket Bikes

The most obvious advantage of buying a used mini bike, rather than something more expensive, is that it’s going to be cheaper. As soon as any vehicle, from a car to a pocket rocket bike, is rolled off the lot, it depreciates in value, and it continues to depreciate in value, even if it’s not depreciating in quality. So, when looking at cheap pocket bikes, you can find some real bargains, because anything secondhand should automatically only be selling for 50%, or at most 75%, of its original value. This means some real bargains for you, the cheap pocket bike hunter.

Another pro of buying a used pocket bike, is that there’s usually room for you to haggle, if you have a set price in mind that you want to spend. Salesmen of large manufacturers and retailers don’t have the authority to lower their prices at will, but small dealerships, and people selling their own, personal items, usually have a little more bargaining room. This can make your cheap mini bike, even cheaper.

Risks of Buying Pocket Bikes Secondhand Cheaply Online

So low price is pretty much the main reason for buying a cheap pocket bike secondhand, but what are some of the risks and downsides of doing so? Well the first, and most obvious, disadvantage is that you don’t have the same security and guarantees when you buy a used pocket rocket bike, that you would if you bought a pocket bike from the official retailer or manufacturer at RRP. This means that often, if there’s any problem with the product, you’ve got no available recourse, and no entitlement to a refund.

Another problem is that if you don’t know a lot about pocket bikes, or if you’re not able to get to really examine your purchase carefully before handing over your hard earned cash, you’re liable to get something that isn’t what you were promised, that doesn’t run, or that doesn’t run well for the amount of money that you paid for it.