Razor Pocket Rockets

By Far The Most Preferred Pocket Bikes Name

As far as pocket rockets are concerned, the company called Razor has the most recognizable name. Razor specializes in the selling and distribution of Razor pocket rockets, scooters, miniature quads, go carts, scuttle bugs, and many more vehicles that’ll get you going where you want to go pretty fast.

Razor Electric Pocket Rockets

Razor Pocket Rockets offers a wide variety of mini bikes and available tool to assist it’s owner in complete customization of his own pocket rocket. The Electric Razor Pocket Bike, for example, has a recommended weight of the rider not to exceed 150 pounds for maximum usage. A rider of this weight will average about fifteen miles per hour with about 45 minutes of usage time. The battery takes around four to six hours to fully recharge again. The Razor Electric Pocket Rocket comes equipped with higher torque and a chain driven, variable speed motor, which is quieter than most other pocket rockets. For children that are 12 and above, the Razor Electric Pocket Rocket has been one of Razor’s best selling pocket rockets.

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In case you were curious, here is a little bit about what “maximum usage” means. That means that if the rider weighed over the recommended limit of 150 pounds, the battery would have to work harder to accelerate, thereby draining the battery faster. Another factor that goes into battery life is temperature conditions. The colder it is outside, the longer the battery lasts. Finally, a third factor is terrain. For instance, the battery would work well going straight or downhill, but would have to work a little harder to bring its rider uphill.

Razor Safety Equipment

Other excellent items from Razor are the safety equipment. Razor Pocket Rockets offers a very large variety of helmets, ranging from boys and men’s that are plain blue or black or red, all the way to girl’s helmets with designs on them. They also offer varieties of knee pads, elbow pads, and also wrist guards to protect you at all times in case you should take a tumble. Razor also takes the small precautions; riding at night. They offer handles that have lights coming out the side of them, and add-ons for your wheels to make them blink a series of colors to alert passing motorists of your presence.

Razor’s safety precautions are not only limited to products you have to purchase, their website also offers a check list that the owner and / or the owners parents should go over before every time the vehicle is used. Just one of the recommendations is “Check All Components,” which sounds pretty broad. It means to give the electrical system a once-over.

Just make sure all the wires and fasteners are still connected, make note of any rattling noises, loose or broken parts, or anything else that seems out of the ordinary.