Super Pocket Rockets: Bonsai Super Motorbikes

Early History of Super Pocket Rockets

Imagine a miniature GP motorbike (super pocket rocket) which you can actually afford and race and park in a small space. The Japanese started the trend of small cars, small music systems, and small mini bikes.

Though the small mini motorbikes were imported way back in the 1970s, the trend did not catch as the importers ran into trouble with the authorities. They were initially positioned for youngsters, but soon caught the fancy of adults.

These cute miniature monsters are not for the faint hearted, they are also not an alternate for scooters or mopeds which are lighter machines. These super pocket rockets are mini monsters which can zip up to 65 miles per hour are serious passion for those bitten by their love.

Legal Status of Super Pocket Rocket Bikes

They fall in the same category as Go-kart or dirt bikes. Most of the 2 stroke minbikes are exempted by environmental protection agency and the four stroke pocket bikes are certified or approved by them.In states where they are prohibited, the racers get away by using them away from public funded roads and tracks.


Super pocket rockets are literally bonsai bikes. Perhaps that is the reason for their popularity. They usually have 45 – 49 cc 2 stroke engines, weigh around 90 lbs, have around 2.25 liter tanks, the tank lasts for around 35 miles. In short they really are race bikes, which have been put together parts shrunk from normal sized motor bikes.


If you have the patience you could order yours directly from China and get it really cheap, it would take more than a couple of months though. In case you can’t wait to get your hands on it, order it locally or over the net (eBay) and pay around $400-$1,000 to acquire your dream machine and start a racing club with your friends within a couple of days – it’s cheap.

In case you decide to look at China to take advantage of the falling dollar, be prepared not only for a long wait, but also to tighten the nuts and bolts which tend to come lose (due to the long journey perhaps). To some that would add to the charm and they might take the opportunity to personalize the cute bulldogs. You’d be happy to ride and race them in any case.

These super pocket rockets will not take you to mars but you will definitely be over the moon riding 5.1 horse power miniaturized race GP minibike.

Take care and happy racing.