Pocket Rocket Parts

Build Your Own Custom Built Pocket Rocket Bike

“Pocket Rockets” are essentially miniature motorcycles; so miniature in fact that they are about ten times smaller than a regular sized motorcycle. Please excuse the comparison, but if you can imagine one of those clowns on tiny bicycles where his knees are level with his shoulders and his back is hunched over just so he could hold on safely to the handlebars. That is the visual to get an idea of how small pocket rockets are.

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Great Way To Start Riding Racing Motorbikes

They are an excellent way for any aspiring professional racing GP bike rider to start practicing from. Not only that, but since pocket rockets are regular motorcycles, just severely smaller, they also give the owner a good feel for what problems might go wrong in a regular sized motorcycle. The pocket bike rider will find out which parts go bad more often than others and they’ll find a reliable place to buy those pocket rocket parts.

Tips on Pocket Rocket Parts

One pocket rocket part that goes bad more often than not is the actual body panels on the pocket rocket. To the beginning rider, crashing and falling over is all a part of the learning process. While that is happening unfortunately, the pocket minibike is constantly falling on the asphalt, is taking it’s toll on the body. All those bumps and scratches can add up and make your pocket bike look extremely tired and worn. Along with the body, some new stickers might be in order so your bike will look like your favorite riders’.

Another important pocket rocket part to replace often is the actual battery that powers the minibike. The battery can only be recharged a certain number of times before it simply stops working. If you buy online, a set of two 12 volt batteries sold together will set you back only about $45.

Most likely the next most expensive mini bike part you’ll have to shell out the most money for is the engine. The pocket rocket engine will set you back about $35 and varies in voltage. Make sure you check the owner’s manual and all other documentation to make sure you buy the right part and not just buy any old part in a store – consider forming it online cheaply.

Some more pocket rocket parts you need to invest seriously in are safety equipment. Safety equipment includes, but is certainly not limited to, elbow and knee pads, a helmet with eye protection, gloves with rubber grip, proper footwear like boots, and maybe even a full body jumpsuit.

Safety should be a huge concern, as well as buying proper fitting attire. If any aspect of your safety equipment feels a bit off or not quite right, do not ride. For instance, if your elbow pads slip easily, or if your helmet is too tight or too loose and wobbles, get those problems fixed immediately.