Mini Dirt Bikes

Not So Dirty Pocket Rockets

During summer, the love for outdoor activities reaches its peak, and young boys try to combine it with their love for gadgets and motor sports. Dirt bikes unleash passion for racing and everyone loves zooming on dirt tracks on their dirt pocket bikes. Just be prepared for constant droning noise which will probably remind you of mosquitoes from the tropical forests – unless you’re in Wyoming.

Dirt pocket bikes are built just like the normal adult dirt bikes, ready for hitting the dirt tracks, but are simply their miniaturized version for the young enthusiasts or those still young at heart. These tiny dirt pocket bikes look very cute when placed next to normal bikes.

Dirt mini pocket bikes just like their adult counterparts are great for negotiating hilly and steep undulating terrains, and are loved for mainly this reason. Same engineering goes to make them as the standard versions, and they come in options ranging from 50cc dirt bikes to 110cc two stroke engines. As with all the two stroke engine machines they run on mix of oil and gas.

Buying Dirt Mini Bikes Online

Looking at the net one can see that they are yet to be as popular as the mini pocket rockets, and are usually clubbed with mini bikes and electric scooters. The cost usually ranges from $250 to $500, but if you are a little diligent and sift the net, you might get a good bargain at $200. The colors are vibrant ranging from yellow, pink, green, blue and other variants of these. Benefits of globalization lets you pick the country of manufacture (China) and the time of delivery, depending upon your pocket and patience.

Dirt pocket bikes seem to have caught up with the European cousins too; perhaps it has a something to do with global warming. True to its nature, mankind is adjusting fast to the hot summers by copying this very American outdoor sport:

All two wheeler sports should be used with safety gears and fortunately, the sites selling them also offer standard gear like, helmets to protect the most important organ of our body, elbow and knee caps to prevent grazing and if you want to be really careful, you could use a kidney belt too.

They may be pocket sized bikes, but pack a mean punch and kick for the die hard dirt track enthusiasts.