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Pocket Rocket Bikes – Mini Pocket Bikes aren’t toys, but simply miniature versions of real motorbikes, and pocket rockets are more than ordinary mini motor bikes. These super mini bikes are built specially for racing…

Street Legal Mini Pocket RocketsThe latest craze to hit most streets in the US and UK are mini pocket rocket bikes. But before you run to your closest cycle shop or Toys “R” Us location, be aware that these shrunken street bikes aren’t street legal in most cities…

Pocket Rocket Mini BikesReady to ride a mini pocket rocket bike? Maybe you’ve tried it and are ready to buy one, but before you get it you need to learn how to operate it safely and responsibly…

Super Pocket Rockets – The larger and more powerful pocket rocket bikes are offered in 110cc to 150cc range. These mini racing bikes aren’t toys and are more than capable of picking up the front wheel if you have the nerve.

Gas Pocket RocketsThese mini bikes are shrunken versions of the real deal. They are sell for about – $400 (depending on the model), weight about 50lbs and will go 50 mph and beyond if they are modified…

Electric Pocket Rockets – From mini dirt bikes to pocket rockets, these electric powered mini bikes are a great choice for those looking to learn to ride a mini motor pocket bike. Even Kids can learn to ride electric pocket bikes if they are supervised by their parents.

Dirt Pocket Bikes – Mini Dirt Pocket Bikes, smaller versions of larger dirt bikes, have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. It seems in every motorbike magazine I look in I am seeing more and more ads for mini motor dirt bikes.

Pocket Rocket Parts – If you are looking to upgrade the performance of your pocket rocket or are looking for the replacement that you need for a cylinder or brake, then pocket rocket parts is something you need to think about…

Racing Pocket Bikes – There are several reasons for gas mini pocket bikes being more popular than electrically powered minibikes. Follow our tips on choosing between gas powered mini bikes and electric pocket bikes.

Fast Pocket Rockets – Mini pocket bikes are small but they aren’t toys. Find out more about these mini monsters.

Pocket Quads – These mini pocket quads, although they are small, they aren’t toys, but dangerous vehicles to be handles with care. Be sure to give your kids lessons on how to safely handle these mini quads.

Used Pocket Bikes – The truth is, it isn’t an easy task to find quality used pocket bikes online. Check out our tips on finding great deals on used pocket rocket bikes.

Buying Cheap Mini Pocket Rockets Online

Razor Pocket RocketsThe Razor Pocket bike is an electric replica of a real full size racing motor bike that’s perfect for thrill seekers looking for motorized excitement.

Polini Mini Bikes – Click this link to see the types of bikes Polini produce, where you can buy Polini mini pocket bikes, as well as information about each of the mini bikes.

Cheap Mini Motor BikesIf you want a mini motor bike for recreational purposes, money shouldn’t be an issue. If you have no thinking of racing motor minibikes, you can find pocket bikes for sale for around $200.